Bitumen pressure

Bitumen Pressure Distributor

Atlas bitumen pressure distributor can be mounted on any new / old truck chassis. It is ideal machine for spraying bitumen prior to laying of hot asphalt on the road. The components are all carefully crafted and designed for durability. The machine is suitable for any kind of rough application and it can work in extreme conditions. We have customized the length of the spray bar to suit different customer requirements. We are looking to export this to Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Algeria.

bitumen emulsion sprayer for sale

We have quality bitumen pressure distributors for sale for customers in various capacities ranging from 4 tons storage to 12 tons tank capacity. These spraying equipment is mounted on truck and is ideal for uniform spraying of bitumen on the road before the laying of asphalt takes place. Size of the tank which stores and heats bitumen is available up to 12 tons capacity. So you can run your sprayer without worrying about refuelling the tank again and again.

The customer need not buy a new vehicle for fitting the bitumen sprayer. Atlas can customize the sprayer chassis as per the suitable vehicle chassis selected by the customer. The vehicle can be new or used and the choice of vehicle depends on the customer. This equipment will allow asphalt sraying on the road uniformly.

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The spraying of asphalt can be set as per your requirement and the truck speed so that you achieve constant and uniform spraying from the tar sprayer. The standard spray bar is folding type. It has a spraying width of 2.4 meters when fully folded and 4.5 meters when fully open. For our international customers, we have designed spray bars as per the customers requirement, which can spray upto 6 meters.

Key components are engine, air compressor, bitumen pump, burner, spray nozzles fitted on spray bar, storage tank for bitumen, hand burner, etc.

bitumen distributor for sale

bitumen sprayer specification

Tank is thermally insulated from all sides so that bitumen can be kept hot for long time. Proper insulation by glasswool helps retain heat loss. The outer covering of the asphalt sprayer is galvanized which is ideal as its life is more and is corrosion resistant. Monitoring the temperature is possible electronically and manually by the thermometer on the tank. Electronic guage is in the drivers cabin. Ladder allows easy access to the top along with manhole which is provided for timely and easy maintenance of the tar sprayer. A drain cock at the bottom will allow easy drainage of all bitumen when required.

burner bitumen emulsion sprayer

Burner supplied is strong and efficient unit suitable to heat the bitumen inside the tank effectively. The process of heating of bitumen is direct heating. Burner supplied with Atlas bitumen pressure distributor is of capacity 43000 cal or 100000 cal depending on the model selected. There is an additional burner which is hand torch type of capacity 26000 cal. This burner will be effective for cleaning the pipelines in cold conditions.
The fuel tank for burner and engine is separate. Burner fuel tank is 100 liters and diesel fuel tank is 50 liters.

engine of bitumen sprayer

Engine is of reputed make, preferably Kirloskar or Eicher. Engine powers the bitumen pump and air compressor. You can expect fuel consumption of 3-4 liters per hour.

bitumen pump and air compressor of sprayer

Bitumen pump is a heavy unit connected to the engine by a heavy duty clutch. Engaging the clutch activated the bitumen pump of the bitumen sprayer which is for sale. The capacity of this gear pump is 380 to 450 liters per minute.
The air compressor is a double cyliinder unit of 3 HP capacity.
Both the pump and air compressor are engine driven.

bitumen spraying equipment

The return line is for returning the excess bitumen back to the tank. Return line pressure setting helps to set the spray bar pressure. Fastening the gland cock, will help fasten the heating of bitumen when the machine is started.

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Bitumen transfer line is for filling bitumen inside the tank. The use of same bitumen pump and the three way cock enables filling of the bitumen.

bitumen sprayer

The length of the spray bar is customizable. Standard asphalt distributor comes with a foldable sprayer. the spray bar is 2.4 meters when folded and 4.2 meters when open. It is also possible to customize the spray bar as per the requirement of he customer. The spray bar height can be adjusted mechanically. 
One SS corrugated hose pipe of length 5 meters is provided for hand spraying by a separate nozzle.
Cleaning is by air and diesel. There is a callibration chart provided near the operators chair.

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Pneumatic hand lever valve aids in opening and closing of the spray nozzles. This valve is provided near the operator’s seat.

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Cleaning if all the lines is by use of air and diesel. At the end of the operation, bitumen line has to be off and by use of air and diesel, the spray pipe lines and spray bar can be cleaned.

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Capacity: 6 tons
Location: Jammu Kashmir, India
Spraying width: 4.5 meters







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Capacity: 6 tons
Location: Baroda, India
Spraying width: 4.5 meters

Bitumen Pressure Distributor

Bitumen Pressure Distributor

Bitumen Pressure Distributor

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